Rapid City teachers begin their first micro-credential program

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) - For the first time, Rapid City teachers can renew their credentials for free, at their own pace, and online with micro-credentials. Every five years teachers have to recertify. Teachers have two options: pay hundreds of dollars to earn 6 credits at a university or take the free classes local schools offer, but at times that conflict with teacher's schedules. Rapid City now has a third option for free called micro-credentials. 14 teachers are trying the pilot program where they will register online to do classes at their pace and on their time.

"We have this need. We're not awarded in Rapid City anymore for education and so we haven't had as many classes in Rapid City or they won't fill so they won't run the class. so this is a way that teachers can get professional development without having to sit in a classroom or be at a specific place and time but can kind of do it on their own," says Stevens High School Teacher Sarah Gross.

Gross says every class in every school is different and micro-credentials will allow teachers to develop skills that would apply to their classes specifically.