Rapid City taxi companies aren't thrilled with Uber

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Once Uber hires drivers in Rapid City to launch the service people will have more options when it comes to catching a ride but that doesn't mean everyone is happy.

Local taxi companies are already impacted by Lyft and owners say Uber won't help their situation.

Owners of local taxi companies like City Cab and Black Hills Limo say that ride-share service Lyft has already hurt their business to some extent and that the addition of Uber won't help their situation. For Uber to operate in the City, they only need one license in order to then hire as many drivers as they need. Taxi companies on the other hand, need a license for each driver. One owner claims Uber and Lyft is more of a taxi company than a ride-share service, since he says he often sees drivers wait around for a request. Both owners we talked to say that this all makes it hard to compete.

"Well yeah they're cheap because they've got a million cars all over the United States as opposed to me being a small business having one or two cars. I can't compete with that," says Deanna Minkler, owner of City Cab.

Uber is expected to arrive in South Dakota within the next few weeks.