Rapid City shelter urges people to spay and neuter their cats

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Humane Society of the Black Hills takes in thousands of cats every year, but staff can't care for all of them.

Within the last four months, the Humane Society took in nearly 740 cats.

And staff members are expecting even more with cat season.

"When we have that many cats come in, what we do is we send a lot to foster. We have a lot here. We try to use the resources we have to get them adopted. It's just, the numbers make it more difficult to get them adopted and get them back out," Jerry Steinley says, resource development director of the Humane Society of the Black Hills.

Steinley says the season often creates unwanted felines: new kittens are born, which pushes older, sick, or disabled cats further down people's list of adoption.

"When we get so many cats, and what happens is we're getting a lot of feral cats and unwanted cats, there's a lot of euthanasia that happens with these animals. Anything adoptable, we get it in foster care, we treat it, we get it on the floor, we get it to the pet stores, but so many cats that are born in the wild and live in the wild are not adoptable" Steinley adds.

Last year the Humane Society euthanized more than 1,200 cats, and you can help reduce the unwanted cat population.

Jerry Steinley says, "So the biggest thing the public can do to help with cat season is to take action so we don't have another one, which means spay and neuter. So if you have an outdoor cat, spay and neuter. We provide Fixin to Save Lives, which is a free service for spay and neuter."

On Saturday, May 25, the shelter will team up with Operation Pets, Inc. to spay and neuter 100 cats for free in a day.

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