Rapid City schools have been a popular place for people to fill out their ballot

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - When election day rolls around, many people head to local schools to cast their votes, and now many wonder if that's where they should head in 2020.

Community members often head to the different schools in the area to vote. (KOTA)

Rapid City schools have been a popular place for people to fill out their ballot on election day, but it has also become a safety concern for students.

During Monday nights school board meeting, the district passed a 4-3 roll call vote in support of keeping polling stations at schools.

"The final decision on this rests with the board of commissioners, though," says Pennington County auditor, Cindy Mohler.

Discussion about moving the polling places started earlier this year due to traffic concerns as well as security at the schools.

"When school is not in session like in June when we have the primary, the concern is not there. The children aren't there. Come November, or if we have a special election in February, they do have to make special concessions," says Mohler.

Mohler says some people would be fine with a new polling place; others aren't happy.

"To not allow any voting at Rapid City Area Schools which are often the most convenient and accessible locations in a neighborhood for people to vote," says Rapid City resident, Jay Davis.

Davis believes that if polling stations are removed from the schools, it could affect people going out to vote as well as the younger generations.

"For our school children to see their parents and other adults coming to their school to exercise their most pressure right as citizens," says Davis.

And the question still stands as to whether or not polling at schools will be allowed in 2020 and, according to Mohler, that final decision rests with the board of commissioners.