Rapid City school custodians are tackling influenza with a new device

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A new device is tackling influenza in the schools one spray at a time.
Custodians are treating inside Rapid City Area schools to keep germs from starting another flu outbreak.

Around December, Rapid City school custodians started using an electric static sprayer to kill germs. The sprayer straps on like a back pack and uses chlorine tablets. The mist sticks to any object in a room and disinfects it. In just five minutes, a room can be sprayed from top to bottom and be deemed clean. Custodians spray every other week at Meadowbrook Elementary School.

A custodial supervisor says this new procedure not only gets the job done but it's safer for students.

"It's non-toxic to animals, students, anybody or any surface either. But it kills 99.9 percent of all of the pathogens and bacteria that are out there," Donna Fuller, a custodial supervisor, said.