Rapid City residents soak in the summer sun

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - People soaked up the sun Tuesday all across Rapid City. While some chose to play volleyball or ride their bikes, others went to the pool or got ice cream.

Although the rain has been putting a damper on summer activities up to this point, Rapid City residents understand it'll dry up soon.

"We're just playing in the fountains today. We're definitely enjoying it, that rain was pretty sad, she just wanted to be outside the whole time," says Madison McLaughlin a Rapid City resident.

"The rainy days I was glad we had those because there's going to be a period here where we don't get no rain for a couple of weeks and we'll wish we had a few of those. So I've just been learning to enjoy rain and good weather," says Bob Hora of Rapid City.

The Black Hills are one giant adventure for those looking to enjoy the outdoors and the summer sun.