Rapid City residents react to their home being struck by lightning

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) Monday's summer storm kept first responders busy with numerous calls as homes were struck by lightning.

Singe marks left on a home in south Rapid City after being struck by lightning

One of those homes was on Edinborough Court in South Rapid City. The house lost several electrical appliances in the surge, including air conditioning and TV's.

One resident in the home suffered a secondary strike from the lightning as it made its way through the home and she's thankful for her two grandchildren, one of whom was also at the residence at the time, and another who rushed over to the home as soon as he learned of the strike.

"I don't know what I would have done if I were alone here. It was horrible, scary. 75 years and I've never experienced anything quite so scary," says Loraine Stocklihsa.

"It was the biggest explosion I have heard in my entire life and I heard sirens outside the window right after that and I heard my grandma screaming and I rushed upstairs and she was holding her heart and freaking out," added Dakota Spence.

Loraine's other grandson, who works as a volunteer firefighter in Rapid Valley, jumped into action once his mother called him, telling him her home had been struck by lightning.

Once Branden Spence was on scene and able to assess the situation, he was able to take in the damage.

"It is good to see that there is no major damage just some singe marks in the entryway. The appliances getting knocked out, yeah that happens but that all can be replace it is just a waiting game for that. Things can be replaced, lives can't unfortunately," says Branden Spence.

The Spence family is now waiting on their insurance company to see what will be covered from the strike. Branden added that it was almost a surreal experience, responding to call where he knew the people impacted.