Rapid City resident taking downtown parking concerns to city council

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The city is slowly, but surely, installing 620 parking meters around the core of downtown. It's not just businesses expressing concerns about the development, but dozens of people who live in apartments in the heart of the city.

One Rapid City resident is voicing his concerns about downtown parking changes to city council. (KOTA TV)

Parking problems are once again plaguing Rapid City residents.

"Parking has been a problem downtown Rapid City for a very long time. I'm 35 years old. I lived down here when I was 18 and it was the same type of issue. The zoning, the times that you can park has changed a little bit but its always been a problem," said Resident Dan Williams.

The city is currently installing hundreds of meters, leaving many living in the area to asking where they can park their cars.

"A lot of those people freshly signed their lease three months ago and now they're locked into it for a year. I feel like there aren't options for people really that live here," said Williams.

Williams says many of those people can't take another financial hit.

"You've got a lot of artists, students, disabled people living in these apartments, people that don't make that much money and to add an additional, even the permit itself is $30 minimum, even just to add that to your monthly expenses can be devastating."

Adding fuel to the fire is the waiting list for parking passes.

"Because of the fact that my lease was only 12 months long, I didn't opt for the 18-month estimated waiting period that they gave me when I originally asked about lot F down here."

Several businesses are also expressing their frustration through the use of social media.