Rapid City ranked as the 7th best city in the nation for people with disabilities to live

Rapid City is the 7th best city in the nation for people with disabilities to live

Rapid City, S.D. (KOTA TV) <"Everybody in our community to get it, to understand that there is inherent value in people with disabilities, and people with disabilities actually have diverse-abilities, different types of abilities," says Brad Saathoff.

The study from Wallethub factored in 3 key criteria -- including Economy, Quality of Life and Health Care. Particularly, Rapid was listed as 3rd in the nation for Highest Employment rates.

" The gratefulness of people to have jobs whether that be 40 hours a week making market wage jobs, or it is a few hours a week making minimum wage."

No matter the hours worked, those who have diverse-abilities share one common bond when they clock in and out of work.

" There is a pride of having a paycheck and what I've seen, it doesn't matter how big that paycheck is. But the really important thing is the dignity of work. When people get the chance and the ability to work no matter how many hours it is, no matter the wage there is that pride that I did something, I contributed to my community."

The employees and employers aren't the only ones who enjoy seeing the work that is done by those with diverse abilities.

" Customers appreciate and value businesses that employ people with disabilities,"

While Black Hills Works is pleased with their rating, they want to improve -- pinpointing one way to improve the quality of life in Rapid City for ALL people.

"I would say the biggest opportunity Rapid City is growth in affordable and accessible housing. That is something we work hard at