Rapid City movie theater transforms into ‘luxury’ venue

The AMC Classic Rushmore 7 movie theater near the Rushmore Mall will become a luxury venue. (MGN)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - The AMC Classic Rushmore 7 movie theater adjacent to Rushmore Mall will get a massive makeover next month.

The seven theaters will have reserved luxury electric recliners and upgraded sound systems, as well as an improved food menu.

A major part of the improvement includes the moviegoer’s experience. They will be able to reserve and pay for their seats online or in person; and when they arrive they can order from a “fast-casual” menu.

Yes, popcorn still reigns supreme at the theater but added to the menu will be things such as pickle fries, calzones, burgers and Korean barbecue wings. Soda isn’t the only beverage these days; as theaters have added wine, beer, and even smoothies. All this will be delivered to you at your reserved seat.

For cost-minded people, the theater reportedly is keeping its $5 movie tickets on Tuesday; as well as early bird weekday matinees and senior days.