Rapid City man arrested for alleged terrorist threats receives reduced bond

Pennington County Courthouse in Rapid City.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Shortly after his wife passed away, Robin Capsel was charged with two counts of "threats of felony terrorism."

The incident happened in October 2019, when Capsel allegedly posted a threatening statement on Facebook with a photo of what looked like a gun silencer.

However, his attorney said when police searched his home no weapons were found, and the "silencer" turned out to be a socket to a wrench.

Capsel spoke up and said he "doesn't get it," referring to the charges against him after his attorney said Capsel wasn't adequately notified of his alleged crimes.

The defense said this was a veiled threat at most but the state prosecution said they take threats to the public seriously.

If found guilty, he faces up to ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

The judge reduced Capsel's bond from $50,000 to $20,000 after a member from the community stood up and spoke on his behalf and said he's not a danger to the public.

Capsel has a prior DUI conviction and his motion hearing is set for December 9 at 3:15 p.m.