Rapid City locals need to stock up to prepare for the winter storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - On Wednesday, Rapid City is expected to see eight to 12 inches of snow and wind gusts of 60 mph. With some store shelves looking a bit bare, it seems some people are already stocking up.

Grab shovels and pick up your medications now because on Wednesday and Thursday you may not be able to. A pharmacist from Medicine Shoppe, Curt Rising, says it's always busy before a big storm. Extra staff members and delivery drivers were called in to handle the heavy load of customers.

"Kind of prepare. Make sure you have you're insulin. It's a big one for people. Make sure they have enough insulin. Have enough of their heart medications to get them through at least until the weekend. Most of Rapid City should be moving again if there is an issue," Rising said.

One man says he's helping his sister out by picking up her prescription. Kerry Wood says he plans to stay inside during the storm since he can't move his walker through snow anyway. Though Wood says he is prepared, he does need to pick up a few more things at the grocery store.

"Yeah, I need to go and just get a few things. I'm already pretty well stocked up. I'm going to go do that. All my medications are in. If I don't need to go anywhere, I won't go," Wood said.

But, some shelves are already starting to become bare. At Target, several peanut butter jars were already gone. Throughout the store, employees were unloading boxes quickly to fill up the shelves and refrigerators. Everywhere the message seemed to be the same.

Make sure to pick up items like bread and milk before it's all gone. Make sure to also buy water and non-perishable items like soup cans.
In case the power goes out, at least you won't be starving.