Big changes could be coming to Memorial Park

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Although in the fundamental stages, city officials know they want to revitalize the corner of Sixth and Omaha streets; bridging a gap between downtown and Memorial Park.

"Both the city and the private sector have been investing in downtown in a lot of ways. Sixth Street being a north-south connection is the next piece of what we're looking at. It also ties into the activity east of Fifth as well as the historic downtown area," says Sarah Hanzel with Rapid City Community Development.

San Senfter with Main Street Square says he hopes to bring a Ferris wheel, carousel and walk over bridge connecting memorial park and downtown together. The goal - to make the trip between the two distances safer and easier.

"What we've discussed is a walk over and the cars will drive under. It would be an underpass for the vehicles which means we can walk from here to the new arena back downtown. Everything we want to do without having to deal with any traffic," says Senftner.

The city will meet with local artists to figure out their next step on Wednesday.