Rapid City family has a new home

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - After three years of hard work, a family now has a new place to rest their heads. The Garfield Green Project, Habitat for Humanity hopes to help out as many Rapid City families as possible.

"When we do home dedications that's, that's the combination of their work. And today is just a real celebration,” said Scott Engmann, Black Hills Area Habitat Humanity Executive Director.

According to Engmann, there are thousands of families living at or below the poverty level in Rapid City.

"It's such a wonderful moment for us because this is the combination of five years of work to repot this block to get a new alley and sewer system in and to get the new homes here,” said Engmann.

This beautiful home did not come without a lot of hard work, 250 hours of hard work to be exact.

"I did sweat equity hours, which means I worked on other families homes, as you see down the block and throughout our community here in town,” said Tara Clucas, home owner. “From doing siding to floors to even peeling carpets, I even put together a stove. So, that was great and then friends and family and even volunteers from my work got to help me with 75 hours of participating in labor of the homes, as well.”

Eight new homes are being welcomed into the Garfield community.

“It's a sense of security and ownership and pride that we're going to do this. And it's for my family and we're going to build memories here,” said Clucas.

Building that foundation brick by brick with help from the Habitat for Humanity.

"Ready to have my foundation and my future, just to move forward. Very thankful,” said Clucas.