Rapid City crews prep parks for tourism season

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The City of Rapid City is preparing its parks for the influx of summer visitors.

The city's park and rec crews re-painted and re-striped the parking lot of Dinosaur Park on Tuesday.

The top of Dinosaur Park has spectacular 100-mile views and several climbable dinosaur statues.

The city manages at least 30 parks and upwards of 16-hundred acres of parkland.

And staff is prepping more than just Dinosaur Park for tourists this summer.

Scott Anderson, Rapid City parks division manager, says, "April, May is a great time of the year. We've been cooped up all winter. Our guys, they like to get out and start getting things done so we're doing some improvements on shelters. We're getting the mowers ready to mow the grass. We have about 200 or 300 trees we need to plant this spring, too, so the guys are going to be really busy."

City staff is also starting to uncover roses for the season at Halley Park.