Rapid City crews plow for hours to keep roads safe

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 7:06 PM CDT
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Rapid City snow plow drivers are working hard to make the streets as safe as possible.

To offset the falling snow, teams of snow plows are hitting the main roads first.

Next are streets that connect to main roads, then trouble-areas like streets on a steep incline.

Street Maintenance Operator Bruce Fisk has been clearing the roads for 20 years.

Fisk says his day can often start as early as 3 A.M.

During some snow storms, he can easily work up to 15 consecutive hours.

Bruce Fisk, street maintenance operator, Rapid City Street Department, says, "It's kind of a rewarding job. You know that you're out there doing good for the public and it can get aggravating at times with the traffic flow and the road conditions and the weather, but it's a seasonal thing so you just kind of grin and bear it."

Fisk says when he drives a plow, he needs to drive defensively and always be observant.

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