Rapid City couple sets off to hike Appalachian trail

Published: Mar. 19, 2019 at 8:29 AM CDT
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"It was always my dream to travel full-time, but I always thought it was a pipe dream."

Ever since Amy Karras was a teenager, she wanted to hike the full estimated 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail and travel for a living.

It was a dream she carried into her recent marriage to Jacob, but one she never thought possible.

"We are normal, average people. And I was like, that will never happen," said Amy.

But now--

"Twenty years later and we are doing it!" Amy exclaimed.

They've packed up 140 days worth of food, with meals ranging anywhere from 600-1,000 calories just to sustain what they need.

It's estimated that an average thru-hiker needs about 5,500 calories a day.

While they are on the trail, they will be writing their blog called Unnamed Adventures and hosting a daily podcast where they talk about their struggles and interview other hikers.

But the main goal of their blog is to show people how they can do this too, debt-free.

The couple said they paid off about $132,000 worth of debt in a few years to make their dream possible.

Each worked side jobs in addition to their day-time jobs, sold their car, house and barely spent any money.

They want to encourage others to do the same so they can follow their own passions.

"So we wanted to have a blog that related to a bunch of different types of people, whether for them it's travel or whatever," said the couple. "So having it be Unnamed Adventures, well you don't know what your next adventure is going to be, so it's an encouragement for people to pursue their dreams being debt-free."

Anyone can follow their adventure on their blog and listen to their podcast at


The blog posts will include tips on getting out of debt, how they will be taking care of their dog Sammy who will be joining them on the trip and what it takes to prepare for this trip.