Rapid City continues to grow

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Horizon Point is officially open for business, and the new home of the Black Hills Corporation signals a positive end to 2017 when it comes to construction in the Rapid City area.

"That as a utility our service territory is literally drawn on a map. So, the only way we can grow and thrive is that if that territory does the same. So, to see the growth in Rapid City is exciting for the community. It's also exciting for us as a company. It helps us grow and thrive, as well,” said David Emery, Black Hills Energy Chairman and CEO.

Black Hills Corporation serves eight states. South Dakota only has 5% of their customers. They could have located their headquarters in another state. But, they chose to stick closer to their roots. And now their new building is just one of many that are popping up around Rapid City.

"When I came to Rapid City in the mid-1980s everything east of LaCrosse Street was a horse pasture. Now, that wasn't that long ago. Now we have a Walmart Supercenter. We have all of the businesses up there. Things change and our footprint on Rapid City has expanded we're filling up every pasture that we have now with good corporations,” said Steve Allender, Mayor of Rapid City

Something of a construction boom has continued. For the second consecutive year the city tops more than $300 million in building permits. And on the heels of all of this the biggest building permit was just submitted just days after the new year.

"That's right we got a big push already. We just received our biggest, double in size we've ever received in a permit. The new Phase II of the Rapid City Regional Hospital. 92 million dollar permit, like I said it's double from what we've seen any time previously. So, we're well down the road to meeting our mark,” said Ken Young, Community Development Director.

Black Hills Corporation serves as an anchor at the Catron Boulevard location. May Allender believes that they are paving the way for economic development in that area.

Other economic development hot spots are Rushmore Crossing and Downtown.