Rapid City resident heads down to Hurricane Michael's disaster zone to help

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTATV) - Hurricane Michael roared ashore on the Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle Wednesday, and one Rapid City resident is volunteering to fly down to the disaster zone and help with relief efforts.

Greg Vonwald is flying out to Alabama tomorrow and will help care for people, comfort them, and ensure they have all the things they need.

He has been training for this by assisting in South Dakota shelters and sitting through classes to learn how to properly help others.

Greg said, "It's the people that matter, that I was taking care of and that's what inspires me and if I can help in any way that's what I am going to do."

The Red Cross has over 800 people already helping from around the country and almost 300 more in transit to the devastated areas.

Richard Smith the Executive Director of Red Cross for Western and Central South Dakota said, "Just being able to have volunteers that leave Rapid City and go into those areas that are affected, it takes off the burden of the local volunteers and it helps to put more people in the area who are trying to help people recover."

Almost 8,000 people are staying in several Red Cross evacuation centers across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

The Red Cross provides free training to those who want to help, and they need more volunteers as quickly as possible.