Rapid City Regional Airport gears up for winter storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Rapid City Regional Airport will be in a constant monitoring situation as the winter storm looms closer to their runways.

Officials are working closely with the National Weather Service to track this winter storm to dictate how to respond to conditions like ice or wind. Currently all of their equipment is ready to execute their snow and ice control plan, approved by the FAA, to keep their primary runway and main taxi way open.

"We work hard to try to keep our priority 1 surfaces going and we'll push as hard as we can to the point of once we think that we can't keep up, some of those decisions get to the point where have to make a decision to close and sometimes it is that the air carriers close ahead of time or cancel ahead of time so it minimizes the amount of operations the biggest thing is we minimize the amount of surfaces that we have to try and keep open all at one time," said Patrick Dame, executive director of Rapid City Regional Airport.

If you have an upcoming flight Dame advises you to stay in contact with your carrier because the airport may stay open but the carrier ultimately decides if they'll cancel their flights.