Rapid City Police ask for grant money to boost Quality of Life Unit

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 5:47 PM CST
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Forming in April 2018, the Quality of Life Unit has been helping change lives. On Wednesday afternoon, the Rapid City Legal and Finance Committee agree to the police department's request for grant funding.

Rapid City Police requested to apply for the State Victims of Crime Act Grant of about $135,000.

The grant will be used to help expand the Quality of Life Unit which was designed to help reduce the jail population and serve the people on case by case basis.

Selected police officers work alongside social workers to help get people off the streets and have already accumulated a few success stories.

The grant money will pay the wages for a few of the part-time officer and outreach positions and for more research in regards to expanding their services.

"The family justice center is a model that we've been at the table with many different service providers. We've help to facilitate research on that project. The concept is having many service providers in one spot so that when somebody needs a hand it's all right there for them," Don Hedrick, the assistant chief of police for Rapid City, said.

The grant is not tied to the MacArthur grant the Pennington County Sheriff's Office recently received.

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