Rapid City Council's approval for a bee resolution generates a lot of buzz

Rapid City Council's approval on the bee resolution will help make more pollinator patches around the city. (KOTA)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - It was a resolution generating a lot of buzz and now it's approved. Rapid City Council approves the city to be a BEE CITY USA affiliate.

By recognizing Rapid City now as a bee city, it means efforts will be made to create more habitat areas for the bees.

Last summer, wildflowers and native grasses were installed to create a pollinator patch in Founder's Park along Omaha Street to help attract the busy pollinators.

Now, the plan is to create more of these patches in other areas like the green space along Rapid Creek and potentially in other parks.

Alderwoman Becky Drury brought up the concern about if spraying for mosquitoes would affect the pollinator patches.

Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Biegler assured the council that beehives can be covered to help prevent the spray from harming the bees.

"We want to make sure that more people are aware of how beneficial aspects of keeping bees or keeping areas that are conducive bee pollination areas. And I think just through the word of mouth, through some of the different events that we can have we can get that word out," Biegler said.

Biegler also said the fogging for mosquitoes should not affect the bees as it will be done at night when bees are less active.