Rapid City Council approves water utility rate increase

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - The cost of utilities in Rapid City, including water is going up.

Monday was the final reading of the proposed ordinance, and there was much discussion between alderman and the public before a final vote.

Some council members argued the increase was too much, and that city leaders should look at how they budget and spend money.

Others say the 43% increase over five years is necessary, and that there has not been an increase in utility rates since 2013.

Some community members expressed disapproval.

“The permits to hook up a water and sewage for a building I want to build is $1,100 in permits alone. Now you want to raise the water rates,” said Rapid City resident. “I'm going to have to turn around and issue rent rates higher for my tenants because water rates are going up. You know they can’t afford it any more than I can."

The ordinance was passed with at 8-2 vote.