RCFD is trained to help animals at fire scenes

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) Many people have pets and consider them a part of their family and the Rapid City Fire Department is trained to save them during an emergency.

Firefighters and paramedics preform CPR on dog

Unfortunately, there are times where our four legged friends are affected by smoke from house fires, but the fire department is prepared to save them if necessary.

They contact veterinarian clinics to meet them at the scene when pets are in the house.

Other than a short class, not much extra training is needed because of how similar CPR is for pets as it is for humans.

They rarely have to use the equipment, but when they do, they often have success.

"Couple of them were very successful. Brought back a couple of kittens that were involved in some smoke in the structure fire and brought them back with some supplemental oxygen and they were doing pretty well," Rapid City Fire Department medical operations division chief Jason Culberson said.

The fire department would like to remind you that they only use this method at the scene of fires and other similar emergencies.

If your pet has any problems, refer to your local veterinarian.

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