'Queer South Dakota' takes a stand

Published: Dec. 11, 2016 at 8:52 PM CST
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The Rapid City community gathered together to remember two lives lost.

These are the lives of two women taken by suicide in the same week.

Sunday St Andrews Episcopal Church was a gathering place for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexuals and their allies to keep these women in memory.

It also lets the LGBTQs in our communities know that they are not alone.

The gathering was a call to action on how to support those who feel like they want to take their lives.

In doing so the Queer South Dakota organization was created. They have a 24-hour help line for those who need resources or someone to talk to.

The goal is to make the minorities in our community feel welcomed, less fearful and empowered.

"It's a matter of the lives that are right in front of us, the faces, and the people that are right in front of us and making sure that we are loving them as best as we can and that the world is safe for them as well. The reality is that right now rapid city isn't safe for all LGBT community people in all places,” said Queer South Dakota president, Brett Ray.

Some Queer South Dakotas members are concerned for their safety.

"The fear is so high. I've never seen it like this, and I hope that we're wrong. I hope that there is smoother sailing than what I’m feeling like. I find myself holding my breath and praying that what I’m reading isn't going to happen. That it will be better than that,” said Queer South Dakota vice president, Nancy Rosenbrahn.

If you need are a member of the LGBT community and need someone to talk to you can call the hotline at 605–415–9364.