Public weighs options on the Don Barnett Arena

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The timeline for a decision on the Don Barnett Arena has begun. Rapid City Council will hold a special meeting Feb. 26th to discuss and vote on the two options.

Mayor Steve Allender held another presentation Jan. 11th, going over his proposals. The public was invited to ask questions and then tour the arena.

Rapid City citizens have two options: one is to build a brand new arena at a cost of between $100 million to $130 million. The second option to renovate the existing Barnett Arena will cost $25 million.

"This plan really offers two options. We're going to do something. As soon as we get the nod from the people,” said Mayor Steve Allender, Rapid City.

Becky Bender, a Rapid City resident, went to the meeting to learn more about the options and hopes that Mayor Allender will consider a new arena.

"I think what I want to find out is why he believes we need to spend so much money on taking care of this building when I don't see it as being a viable area to have a civic center, to have the kind of arena,” said Bender.

Public presentations are expected to last till May.