Kids in Post 22 program work all parts of game day

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Besides baseball, the kids in the Post 22 program spend time working in all parts of game day at Fitzgerald Stadium.

A tradition at the Firecracker Tournament is to honor veterans after the second inning of every game.

“We as kits get to just play a game and have fun, but there’s people out there serving our country that let us play this game that I love,” said Ryan Bachman from the Post 22 Expos. “So I think it’s awesome to just go around and thank them for what they’ve done.”

During Hardhats games, the Post 22 Bullets and Expos, plus the softball team sell programs and work in the facility.

“Really, we just focus on growing them as individuals as well as players,” said Pete Barrows, head coach of the Expos.

A lot of volunteer work goes into preparing for a tournament and you never know when the grounds crew will be called into action.

“We haven’t had to pull the big tarp yet, but it’s quite a big operation when we have to pull that out,” said Bachman.

Post 22 will host the State Legion A Tournament starting July 26.