Plans for Rapid City K Mart underway

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - After Sears Holdings announced it will close 80 more of its stores including Rapid City's K Mart, the buildings developer said his reaction was two-fold.

"You know uh, it's a surprise but expectation. You know I expected it but I was surprised that it came in the way that it did and when it did," said Hani Shafai, president and CEO of Dream Design International Inc.

Shafai said that construction on the store's parking lot on East North Street was scheduled to begin Fall 2018.

However, the project missed construction season due to the type of oil being used being incompatible with winter temperatures dropping earlier than expected.

As of now, Shafai says the his company is working with the City and State to make sure employees will have jobs, and are still are working on the best plan for the soon-to-be-empty space.