Pinedale report dismissed as false

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - There are new details on a scare at an elementary school in Rapid City. Police received a tip of a gunman at Pinedale Elementary on Wednesday, but when they arrived they found the report to be fake.

In the police report, the lady who made the call is identified as Ricky Peck, a 29-year-old woman who suffers from Grand Mal seizures. Officer Robert Neisen writes Peck called police after she received a phone call on Tuesday from someone with a male voice saying he planned on bringing a gun to school, after which Peck had a seizure and passed out.

Wednesday, Peck was at the school with her mother to pick up Peck's child. That's when she made the call to police. After the building was cleared Peck became hysterical to the point where her mother believed she was slipping into another seizure. Eventually, Peck was taken to the hospital and given a sedative. She was taken to the county jail afterwards and was supposed to make her first court appearance Thursday, but jail personnel say she was medically unable. Peck's child is in the care of her grandmother.

The police reports suggests she has a small history of hallucinations, something that may have cropped up during the incident.

Neisen reports he attempted to approach Peck and she became irrational telling the officer to turn around because the gunman was standing right behind him. However, Neisen says there was no one behind him. She is charged with making a fake report to police and disturbing a school.