Pig on the lam captured

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Custer State Park is calling it a "Ham" of a situation.

Custer State Park posted this picture on their social media accounts of a pig running loose inside the park.

On Tuesday, park employees spent the morning wrangling a pot-bellied pig.

While wild pigs are common in other parts of the county, they are not in the Black Hills. Game, Fish and Parks employees say pot-bellied pigs are mostly kept as pets and it's likely this one escaped from a farm or home. It was first spotted over the weekend, but got away and then was located again on Tuesday near the Black Hills Play House.

Officials say they tried to use nets to capture the swine, but when that failed they tried a slightly different approach.

"We dropped the nets and just started sprinting after it and after the second attempt we could kind of tell the animal was starting to get tired," said Brady Neiles, resource biologist for Game, Fish and Parks. "We just kept running after it until it was finally tired out and cornered. It was a fun late morning activity I suppose, and I definitely got my work out for the day."

The pig was taken to the Battle Mountain Humane Society. Neiles says there's already plenty of adoption interest.