Philip bed & breakfast serving the best hospitality one guest at a time

The Triangle Ranch was made into a bed & breakfast in 1996 and has served guests from...
The Triangle Ranch was made into a bed & breakfast in 1996 and has served guests from all over the nation and world. (KOTA TV) (KOTA)
Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 5:45 AM CST
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When looking at a place to stay that isn't a hotel, the reviews tend to play a big part in the decision. One Philip bed and breakfast is hitting all the right marks and is definitely a spot to stay in at least once in your lifetime.

The Triangle Ranch was homesteaded in 1904 by Lyndy Ireland's great-grandparents.

"Great-grandpa actually chose this spot rather than being in a lottery and drawing out this land description, so he wanted to be near the river here which was a wise thing," said Triangle Ranch Co-Owner Lyndy Ireland.

They came with five children and lived in a dugout, then a log cabin, then the house you see today ordered from Sears & Roebuck which Lyndy is thankful for.

"They farmed and ranched and grew the ranch for many, many years, so I'm the fourth generation and I feel blessed to be here," said Lyndy.

As she got older, Lyndy had this crazy idea while managing the World Famous Wall Drug's Western Boot Department.

"I loved my job but I didn't wanna punch a time clock anymore," said Lyndy.

She decided to hang up her boots and convince her husband Kenny to open a bed and breakfast in her childhood home.

"He said 'what? strangers in our house?' and when we got past that roadblock, then there were quite a few regulations plus the renovation," said Lyndy.

"Changing closets into full-sized bathrooms and figuring out the plumbing and electricity," said Triangle Ranch Co-Owner Kenny Ireland. "I had some help sometimes, but most of it I did myself because you had to measure and get all the plumbing to meet code, which there's a difference between your own house and when you got public coming in."

There was a very short timeline to get all of those renovations done.

"So the remodeling probably should've taken a year and a half and we tried to do it historically, so it didn't change the footprint of the house, but we had to cram it into 6 months because I advertised that we were gonna be open by then," said Lyndy.

The two worked together to modernize things, like the carriage house. They had to keep it in repair and re-roof it and made it into a cabin.

"Kind of like a tiny house on steroids and cowboy flavor which people expect on a ranch. Actually, the South Dakota Historic Preservation recognized us for converting a historic property and reusing it, which we didn't even think about but it's good. They like when you reuse for some purpose," said Lyndy.

The Ireland's always knew they were good with people and are happy they found a way to serve the public while making a living.

"What we found was those guests brought so much to us. They gave us so much, not only knowledge and experience but just bonding and finding out that people all over our country and world are really the same," said Lyndy.

They've had guests from all 50 states to Europe, Asia and Australia, plus a few in between and the chance to meet all sorts of people.

"We get some unique souls who just want to be out on an old ranch and soak up nature. We had a professor from the Netherlands who stayed in February and was going to Yellowstone to study wolves. You just never know," said Lyndy.

They work hard year-round, especially in the summer and into hunting season as the national grasslands surround the ranch, so there's plenty of public hunting available.

"People always ask 'are you busy?' well let's see, we had 4 nights off from May 1 to October 15 so I guess, not always full. Generally, we'll get fairly booked and then there's usually a room or two that we've got wiggle room if someone calls," said Lyndy.

Serving up some friendly faces, smiles and the best advice.

"Just enjoy your local area in South Dakota, there's so much to see," said Lyndy.

"And don't miss anything from the time you cross the Missouri River until you get to the Wyoming line because it's all worth seeing," said Kenny.

To book a stay at Triangle Ranch or ask any questions, you can call the Irelands at 605-859-2122, click

or visit their


If you want to stay in their newly renovated cabin, you can find that spot on Airbnb.