Petition to legalize medical marijuana at Central States Fair

 New booth at fair wants to legalize medical marijuana
New booth at fair wants to legalize medical marijuana (KOTA)
Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 6:17 PM CDT
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In 80 days, New Approach South Dakota has to collect 17,000 signatures for the legalization of medical marijuana in South Dakota.

With over 450 volunteers across the state, people at the Central States Fair are just a small part of the operation.

The organization is aiming for more signatures due to a set back last year when they lost thousands of signatures due to unregistered voters.

To keep that from happening again, the group is sharing the booth with South Dakota Voice so people who sign the petition can register to vote as well.

"Well, there's always the certain person that not going to agree with what you're doing," says Kevin Quick, West River coordinator. "For the most part, we've received great support from the community, the vendors, and everybody here at the fair. Its been a great experience."

If they get enough signatures, the issue to legalize medical marijuana will be placed on the 2020 ballot.