People have time to train and bond with newly adopted pets

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Sturgis/Meade County Animal Shelter is closed for walk-ins but is still seeing lots of people making appointments to adopt.

Although their adoption numbers are fairly consistent with this time last year, the animal shelter currently only has one dog for adoption but quite a few kittens. Julie Goetsch, a shelter technician says the animals they do have, especially the dogs, have a pretty quick turn around. The shelter even has a running list of people currently looking to adopt dogs of any size and breed so they can be notified when dogs come in and are available to adopt.

"People are home now, they feel that this is a good time to get a pet when they have that transition period so they are home with them, helping them to adjust, get them on a schedule and a routine so yes, I would say with people being home, that has really played a part in the adoptions right now," said Goetsch.

To adopt, people can contact the shelter to learn more about the pets available and set up a time to hang out and see if everyone's personalities match up.