People call for the removal of the Bill Clinton statue in Rapid City

Published: Aug. 22, 2017 at 5:35 PM CDT
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With the call to remove statues across the country, people are now calling for the statue of Bill Clinton in downtown Rapid City to be removed because of his womanizing history.

The mayor's office and City of Presidents Foundation both have received calls on the issue, but do not plan to remove it.

"If we took down the statue of every president who is guilty of womanizing, we wouldn't have many statues left on the street, maybe Jimmy Carter," said Dalerie Davis, co-founder of the City of Presidents Foundation.

Calls they received came from all over the country, many from Texas. Those calling for its removal say they are offended by its presence, saying it glorifies a man who was known for sexual misconduct.

Some do not believe it’s removal is warranted.

"I bet you can find something that someone doesn't like about every president in downtown Rapid City,” said Dan Senftner, president of Destination Rapid City. “I just believe we keep everything intact and keep everything moving forward."

Some believe the call to remove the Clinton statue is the Alt-Right's response to the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Va.; because the Foundation says they haven't received any complaints until now.

"So I am thinking the statue issue is a counter argument that was scratched up to say why it was wrong to take down the civil war statues," said Lori Miller, public relations for Indivisible Rapid City.

Statues around the country have been taken down in response to Charlottesville, and not all agree with this.

"It’s taking away a lot of history for people. If you are trying to erase it from our past, how are we going to learn," said Craig Burlingame, a tourist from Minneapolis.

But the removal of the Clinton statue is unlikely, with Davis saying "absolutely not."