Pennington County boat patrol out on the waters

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Pennington County Sheriff's Deputies are out on boat patrol hitting the waters making sure people are practicing safety while boating.

Pennington County deputies are out on boat patrol.

"Our goal is not to ruin people's day, we are really looking to make sure people are abiding by the rules so that everybody can experience a good time out on the lake," says Brandon Akley a senior deputy with Pennington County Sheriff's Deputy.

So what do you need on your boat? A life jacket for everyone on the boat, a throwable, just in case someone falls off of the boat, and a charged fire extinguisher

Between, 8-15 deputies have trained to patrol on the water they're required to take a swimming test among taking other steps before being on boat patrol.

"We're always wearing a life jacket but in windy situations or bad weather that adds a little bit of dynamics to what we're doing," says Akley.

"We want to have some sort of law enforcement presence on the Pennington County lakes as much as possible," says Akley.

Boat patrol wants to talk to most people on the water, they want to make sure everyone is being safe and responsible.

"Don't be surprised if the Pennington County Sheriff's boat pulls up to you and wants to see a life jacket for everybody in the boat, throwable devise, and a fire extinguisher," says Akley.

Boat patrol plans to be out every weekend for the rest of the summer.