Patient underwent first robot surgery, now flourishing

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Jodene Ehrich had a hiatal hernia that needed surgery. She put it off until this fall, when she learned about robotic surgery. Her doctor, Dr. Patrick Kinney said it would be the best option for her with a speedy recovery and the best outcome.

That outcome includes just five incision spots, with no stitches.Ehrich has had little discomfort and didn't need to take any prescribed medications.

The same day of her surgery, she was up walking around and the following day she checked out at noon.

"The less invasive they have to be the better it is. I'm just a huge fan, the quality of my life will be so much better because I did this. I would tell everyone to do consider it if it's a possibility," says Ehrich.

Ehrich has been stopped in the grocery store and at church with people asking her about the ins and outs of the robotic surgery, with some wanting their procedures done robotically.