Past tradition at Mount Rushmore causing quite the bang

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KEYSTONE, S.D. (KOTA-TV) A past tradition at Mount Rushmore is causing quite the bang now.

July 4th firework shows stopped in 2009 because of potential wildfire dangers—but those shows are now being blamed for a contaminant in the monument's water supply

According to a u-s geological survey report perchlorate can now be found in Rushmore’s underground and surface water.

Since 2011 the USGS and national park service studied perchlorate and other metals common in fireworks at Mount Rushmore national park.

The compound was most present in the northeast side of the memorial, where the fireworks were launched.

Although high doses of the compound can have adverse health effects, the USGS says the drinking water at Mount Rushmore is safe to drink

“The water is still okay at Mount Rushmore, but we really do need to think about the environmental consequences of all these shows and large gatherings, or anything we might do at these memorials,” Galen Hoogestraat, a hydrologist, said.

Perchlorate also is common in nitrogen fertilizers . According to the e-p-a it can attack a person's thyroid and can cause cancer.