Partial government shutdown having impact on brewing industry

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SPEARFISH S.D. (KOTA TV) - Label approval or packaging for canned beers. That's what each brewery in the country needs from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ensuring their packaging has all the requirements.

Information such as alcohol percentage, an appropriate name for mass production and other details but with the partial government shutdown, no new beers can be legally sold without this approval.

"It's a small business, we're pretty dependent on getting our product out and when something like this happens it just hurts all the small businesses that are affected by it," says Jeff Drumm the owner and head brewer of Crow Peak Brewing.

Staff at Crow Peak, located in Spearfish, planned on canning a beer for the first time this summer. Growing in popularity, the Black Currant Gose beer has been on tap for the past few summers, and the brewery wanted to package the beer to try and sell more. Since the TTB is closed, label approvals aren't happening for new beers.

"We thought about doing this before the shutdown happened but I didn't get the label in in time and now with the shutdown going on if we submit it now we don't know when it would be approved," says Drumm.

When the government is not shutdown, label approval can take between 2-6 weeks on average. The new beer Drumm would like to sell takes 2 weeks to ferment. He hopes the shutdown will come to an end soon.

"The longer they wait the longer the backlog is going to be. So the sooner the shutdown ends the better it will be for myself and other breweries around here," says Drumm.