Parking tickets at Sturgis are higher than last year

Published: Aug. 10, 2017 at 7:53 PM CDT
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A bigger issue than usual at the 77th Sturgis motorcycle rally is parking.

There are "do not park" signs and yellow lines all over the town to let people know where not to park.

The parking has been more of an issue this year than last with more people receiving tickets as well as having their cars towed.

Sturgis Police Chief, Geody VanDewater, says they are at "150 parking tickets for the year and we are in day a five of the rally and that's actually an increase of 69 more than we've done this time last year so we know it's a constant issue.”

The issue seems to be a continuing problem because people do not want to walk as far.

Chief VanDewater gave a few tips when trying to park downtown.

"We get nine times out of 10 an hour a car is stolen because people forget where they parked so they are a block away or two blocks away. Don't rely on asking anyone walking by if it's legal to park there if you weren't. So just be aware to not park in the yellow zone. Be aware that you're not parking in a more motorcycle only. And be aware that you're not parking in handicap zones if you're not handicap placard," says VanDewater.

There are several churches and other locations near downtown that provide parking for a few dollars and that is the best way to get a spot nearby and know that it won't be towed.

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