POW/MIA Recognition Day honored in South Dakota

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The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs says 133 military members from South Dakota are still listed as missing in action, 88 from World War Two, 38 from the Korean War and seven from Vietnam.

Friday was the day to remember them, along with the 24 former prisoners of war that came from this state - POW/MIA Recognition Day.
A memorial at Camp Rapid honors the National Guard members on those lists.
The National Guard's chaplain says it's important to remember those soldiers who were lost and to let the POW's who are still alive know that we are still thinking of them.

Col. Lynn Wilson says, "I think sometimes their sacrifice feels like it is forgotten. And maybe they have done a lot of things and we don't give them the recognition they deserve. And I think that they're right. I think this day, usually held the third Friday of September, I think this is a good day, a good day to say thank you for all you've done, the sacrifices that you have endured. You deserve our thanks, our gratitude for all that you've done for freedom."

One accounting says more than 83,000 service members are missing from World War Two to the present time.