Gaming lounge a popular hit with local gamers

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - When it comes to all things gaming, Overclock Lounge has your fix.

Overclock Lounge offers a variety of gaming form PC to virtual reality.

"My husband and I, Mark, we came up with this plan three years ago and we were starting to hear about e-sports getting popular," said Maggie Cuneo, co-owner of Overclock Lounge. "We were watching it and a lot of friends were doing it."

After securing investors, Maggie and Mark moved back from Portland to start Overclock. They chose the old Buck-N-Gator location on Sturgis Road to call their business home. They offer retro, console, PC gaming as well a virtual reality and the live streaming of e-sports games.

"It's going really well, we're meeting so many gamers that we just didn't know we're here and everybody is starting to come out of the woodwork and meet with each other," said Maggie. "It's fun seeing a bunch of people who normally don't play together coming together and get to meet each other have a blast."

Whether you're meeting other gamers or you just want a casual place to lounge, this could be the spot. They even have a full service bar that includes the world's oldest alcohol.

"The mead has been a number one best seller. A lot of people don't know exactly what it is. They hear: 'Oh you have mead on tap, what is that?'" said Mark Cuneo, co-owner of Overclock Lounge. "It's the world's oldest alcohol, it's also really simple...its just fermented honey. "

The mead makes up half their drink sales. They also offer wine, coffee, espresso, energy drinks and snacks.

Acquiring this location they also inherited a full, functioning kitchen, which they plan to use soon.

"We're still thinking about it; we're still developing it," said Mark. "We're thinking about kind of going with an international flair trying to get some Japanese and Chinese foods possibly.

Nothing is certain as they move forward and expand their business going in the future, but the direction they decide to take will be from listening to their customers.

"We're really listening to their feed back and seeing kind of where they want our business to go because we are doing this for them," said Maggie, "so this is for the community of Rapid City for gamers."

Sentiments echoed by her husband.

"We're listening to everything, we're taking notes of what peoples favorite food are, what their favorite games are and taking a look to see if we can get those foods," said Mark, "How we're going to do's just awesome."

Overclock Lounge is located located on 4095 Sturgis Road. They are open everyday except Tuesday.

The lounge also offers role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and they plan to host large-scale tournaments in the near future.