Outside In, Children's Indoor Playground is perfect place to beat the winter blues

Published: Feb. 18, 2019 at 7:53 PM CST
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This President's Day marks the end of a long and cold 4 day weekend for most families in the area and in order to beat cabin fever, some parents took their kids to Outside In - Children's Indoor Playground, to blow off some steam.

Outside In features a large indoor playground ground for children ages up to 10 and with how cold the weather has been outside, it's the perfect environment for children to escape the winter blues. The environment at Outside In is designed to stimulate imagination and encourage exploration through active play. It's also a great place for parents to meet other parents.

"We get a lot of compliments and a lot of thank yous for actually just providing this for people," said Taryn Pike, Outside In co-owner. "A lot of the moms, it really does allow them the chance to meet other mom's and engage with each other, engage with other people in the community."

For one mom, it's just nice to get out of the house.

"I home school so it's a little bit even more difficult because we are home 24/7 and so this is a good jaunt out for the kids, it gets their exercise, I'm able to meet up with my sister and her kids get to come to and so it's a lot of fun but I don't have to worry about where they're going or whose around because I can see them," said Leah Schweppe who comes often to Outside In.

Outside In is open 7 days a week and offers affordable memberships as well as day passes. They have large rooms available for private events as well as catering options. For more information visit