One local group contributes to the conversation about race

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Race-relations conversations are happening around the country.
And here in Rapid City, the Indian Boarding School Lands Project group opted to shine the light on the local issue.

Details about the history of Indigenous people in Rapid City.

The group focuses on the history of land ownership, housing, jobs, and education that impacted Native Americans in the community.

With the indigenous population being the largest community of color in Rapid City, the ongoing project is devoted to showing how native populations are impacted today.

Volunteer Bev Warne hopes sharing the history will open up avenues of conversation and educate people about race relations in the area.

"Because we live here, all of us live here and we want this to be a good positive community that is fair to all its citizens and not exclusion of anyone based on race or culture," said Warne.

The Rapid City Indian Boarding School Lands Project plans to build a memorial honoring the children who passed away at the Indian Boarding School.