Oh hail! Guess what season is quickly storming our way

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - We aren’t No. 1 (and that’s good this time) but we are pretty high on the list of states with the most hail damage reports on vehicles … fourth, according to the insurance company State Farm.

South Dakota vehicle owners reported more than 3,700 hail damage claims with an average cost of $5,000 last year. That is nearly $19 million in damages to cars.

The average homeowner claim in 2018 was more than $14,000 in the state.

When you add home and car hail damage, South Dakota does drop to 18th place with nearly $40 million in damage. But that is still more than 2017, when the total vehicle and home damage was $36 million.

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So now you have the numbers. Now what?

State Farm tips include:
• Move vehicles into garages or under cover when possible
- If you can’t, you could drape your car with blankets, use a car cover, put your floor mats on the windshield
• Prune trees to prevent problems linked to hail storms
• Use impact-resistant roofing to reduce hail damage
• Have a good home inventory with photos and videos
• Make sure you have adequate coverage
• Secure anything outdoors that could become missiles, like furniture

What states are the worst when it comes to hail losses?
1. Colorado - $598 million in damages
2. Texas - $437 million
3. Illinois - $329 million
4. Minnesota - $170 million
5. Missouri - $88 million