Not-so-funny money continues to make the rounds

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Earlier this month, Rapid City police warned about motion picture $100 bills being passed off as the real deal in area businesses. The fake cash is still showing up.

According to the police, they now have 11 cases this month of people using “for motion picture use only” bills. In the first week of May, that number was five.

The bills are clearly marked with “REPLICA” under the serial number and “THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER. IT IS TO BE USED FOR MOTION PICTURES” but clerks are still fooled by them.

Police suggest people visually inspect money during a transaction; as well as use a counterfeit money detection pen to verify that bills are real.

Anyone who may have been given this fake money can report the incident to police at 394-4131.