Not all heroes wear capes

Published: Oct. 11, 2017 at 5:58 PM CDT
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Hometown heroes do not wear capes, but they were at West Elementary in Spearfish serving lunch to hungry students.

In celebration of National School Lunch Week, the Fire, Police and EMS departments volunteered their time to help serve lunch. They did this on a smaller scale last year for breakfast, but the students enjoyed the time with these heroes so much that they switched to lunch. And the students were not the only ones touched by the event.

Tate Hayford, an animal control officer, enjoyed making the students' day a little brighter.

“Fun coming up seeing the kids, seeing some of their reactions makes it all worth it. To see them having a better day and laugh and joke. And to let them know that emergency services are here to help them,” said Hayford.

Tatum Martin, a second grader at West Elementary, was awestruck when he saw those heroes serving him his lunch.

“They gave us all "fives" and they told me how it was like saving people - and I think they are like superheroes,” said Martin.

“Hometown Heroes” lunch will continue until Friday.