Northern Hills digs out -- and keeps smiling

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NORHTERN HILLS, S.D. (KOTA TV) -- The Northern Hills dug out Thursday from a late winter blizzard that seemed to spare the area its biggest punches.

In Spearfish, a no travel advisory issued Wednesday was lifted and city crews were out clearing streets. Some downtown businesses stayed closed or opened late but the mood in town seemed to be upbeat as the city dodged a bullet.

"Who doesn't like winter. It's awesome. It's cool. It's not 40 below. The wind hasn't picked up too bad. We'll take it," said Learda McKinney as she shoveled snow from out in front of Spearfish City Hall. "It could have been worse."

Up in Deadwood, there was even more snow and no place to push it aside. So trucks had to haul the white stuff away.

"I'd say 150 maybe 200 truck loads," said city Street Supervisor Bill Burleson.

And there was a looming deadline. The town is hosting one of its biggest party's of the year this weekend.

"We got to get it cleaned up. We've got St. Patty's Day weekend coming up," said Wild Bill Bar owner Rick Oleson. "We got a pretty nice little snowfall here. We got a little work to do but we'll have it ready for the weekend."

Up in Lead, there was even more snow but everyone seemed to be handling it and even farther up the hill folks at Terry Peak ski area were smiling with all the fresh powder.

"Just came up here to shred the fresh pow and send it," said Ryan Eaton of Rapid City. "Do some gnarly stuff with the boys. Have a good time."