Non-profit Farm Rescue helps South Dakota ranchers

Published: Oct. 2, 2017 at 11:35 PM CDT
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The recent rain we've seen in KOTA Territory has been appreciated, but it's not enough to wipe out six months’ worth of drought conditions.

A non-profit is helping South Dakota farmers during the current drought crisis.

"It’s difficult at times relying on the weather and you find yourself really trusting god,” said owner of Lone Tree Ranch in Sturgis, Larry Reinhold.

“You know your faith carries you through.”

That's how Reinhold said he's gotten through this year's drought, and believes his faith is what moved the non-profit Farmer Rescue to haul two loads of hay to his ranch.

"We found that hauling the hay would be using our resources and what we had to help as many ranchers as we could,” said Farm Rescue Operation Director, Carol Wielenga.

Reinhold said he's grateful as this is the fifth load donated to him thus far and that this will change his current situation.

"The pounds aren't quite up on the calf's and Western South Dakota grass is pretty hard, good grass but there just isn't enough of it,” said Reinhold.

More than 40 families have been helped, and 100 loads of hay have been delivered through Farm Rescue.

"When we can help those farmers and ranchers they stay operating and they're future generations stay operating so we're really helping America,” said Wielenga.

Ranch donors contact Farm Rescue and tell them who they want to donate to, and the no profit delivers it for free.