Noem wants high school students to pass citizenship test

PIERRE, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Education factored heavy in Gov. Kristi Noem’s first state of the state address, including an idea to require high school students to take the same citizenship test immigrants have to pass.

Civics, the governor says, needs to re-emerge in school. To that end, Noem will propose a bill requiring every high school graduate to be able to pass the citizenship exam. “It’s only fair that before young people graduate high school that they display this basic knowledge of our nation’s institutions and its history." the governor explained.

While there are no specific details on what it will take to pass the citizenship test, prospective citizens only need to hit 60 percent on a test of 10 questions that an examiner picks out of 100 possible. The subjects range from government to American history.

Can you pass this U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services practice test?

Another aspect of education that the governor focused on is work experience versus classroom time.

Citing a skills gap, Noem said “I strongly believe the best way to prepare students is through work experience.” She wants more emphasis on things such as apprenticeship programs; including a “week of work” where students get out of the classroom and into a job.