No tours this weekend at Wind Cave

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Wind Cave National Park Elevator is out of commission, bringing tours to a halt this weekend.

Most of the tours use the elevators at the start or end of the routes, but a broken part is making it impossible for tour guides to safely operate the lifts.

A park employee says it's a routine problem, they just need the right part to come in before they can repair it. As a result, week day tours are limited to taking guests up and down a 155 step staircase with weekend tours completely canceled. While this is a new issue, it isn't the first time the elevator has needed repair.

"Unfortunately this has happened from time to time we even had an issue earlier this summer and that really impacted summer visitation to the cave," said Lennie Ramacher with Wind Cave. "But it's nothing we're unfamiliar with and so we are responding to it as quickly as we can."

They hope to have the elevator fixed my early next week.